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Are you a show jumping judge? If so, Jumper Judge Dashboard (JJD) can make the judging process much easier and more organized to help you better perform your roles of judge, time-keeper, and announcer.

JJD was designed and developed by a "R" USEF jumper judge who is also a software industry veteran with over 30 years of experience in application design and development. With its intuitive, modern design and well thought-out user experience, JJD will become an indispensable part of your role as a jumper judge (overview video here). Click here read about the most recent updates to JJD.

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Training Videos

Click here to view our training videos for Jumper Judge Dashboard version 4.

Feature List

  • Modern, intuitive interface provides an ideal user experience
  • Runs on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 (Windows 10 is recommended)
  • Support for USEF Table II, III, and IV, Sections CR, 1, 2A, 2B, 2AB, 2C, and Gambler's Choice
  • Automatically keeps track of placings so no need to keep a stagger sheet
  • Excellent support for judging multiple classes/cards at the same time (example here)
  • Interfaces with FarmTek's Polaris Timer (requires this cable ) to capture times when a round ends
  • Includes a built-in backup stopwatch and optional countdown timer
  • Provides quick access to PDF copies of the USEF, Equine Canada, Australian and FEI rulebooks
  • Setting of the course jump numbers is quick and easy
  • Supports setting of classes/cards ahead of the class start if the course is known
  • Interfaces with horseshowtime and other show management systems to provide electronic class list and horse/rider/owner information
  • Interfaces with Show Management System to obtain class entry information from the web
  • Interfaces with ShowGroundsLive to obtain class entry information and post results to the web
  • Results (score sheet and standings) are written to an HTML file for viewing and printing
  • Class results can be immediately posted to the internet (example here)
  • Provides complete data backup and protection with continuous backup on up to two drives (Ex. hard drive and USB stick or Cloud drive)
  • Calculates championship points for a division (example here)
  • Includes optional scoreboard output for use with LCD or plasma displays (example here)
  • EXTRA: Here is a handy abbreviated scoresheet

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JJD is available on a 15-day trial basis. Just go here to download and install JJD.

After trying out JJD, use one of the the PayPal Subscribe buttons below to purchase a license. After completing the subscription process in PayPal, click here for next steps.

Monthy Subscription - $15 USD

Annual Subscription - $159 USD